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Street-tested Safety Keychain — Diamond Fist in "Autumn"

Street-tested Safety Keychain — Diamond Fist in "Autumn"

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The "Autumn" Diamond Fist is made from a white Tide detergent bottle, brown Hershey's Chocolate Milk squeeze bottle and hydrogen peroxide containers and yellow, red and orange shampoo bottles. These special Diamond Fists are much harder to make which is why they cost a little extra.

Stay safe with our Diamond Fist Safety Keychain. Designed by women for women, it's a fun accessory and a tool for self-defense. Plus, your purchase supports an all-female nonprofit dedicated to promoting safety for women living on the streets.

In fact, that's who we partnered with when designing the Diamond Fist, and why we can say with confidence that it's been successfully used by hundreds of women during safety situations.

You can attach the metal ring on the Diamond Fist to your keychain or the quick-release loop (included with purchase), which can then be clipped to your purse, bra strap, pants loop, backpack, and more. This quick-release loop allows for immediate access to the Diamond Fist when needed.

We mold and shape every Diamond Fist by hand, so each has its own one-of-a-kind design.

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